Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ride Safe

The world has learnt a lot over the centuries and probably one of the most significant advances in the modern era is safety. We are encouraged, expected and trained to work safely in our homes and have standards and recommendations in place where ever we turn. All for good reason, there is nothing more important than safe guarding human life.
This is also true for riding bikes and as responsible parents this safety culture starts with us. Encourage your child to always ride his trike, scooter and bike with the correct protection will foster a safe centred approach to all they do going forward.
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Training Wheels

Training wheels have long been the best way for children to learn to ride their first bike.
It is often an advantage to progress from a trike first then onto a bike so the fundamentals of steering and pedalling have been learnt in a safer environment where the child balance is taken care of by the trike.
Often the training wheels should be just that "training" devices used to assist the child to the next step in riding a bike without them. Often through poor set up and incorrect adjustment they can also be the cause of problems in learning to ride.

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Teaching your child to ride

A great article we found posted by the WA government provides some useful information on assisting your child with their first bike riding experience, veiw the article now in our article section of our web site;

Bike Selection for your children

It has never been easier or more affordable to buy your child their first bike, trike, balance bike or scooter, but which one and when?

Children are usually ready for some form of mobility from around the time they can walk, whether it's in the form of a ride on toy or a small trike, when they reach the age of 2 they are generally ready for the next step their first bike. The below chart provides a good insight into sizing requirements to suit your child. As with trikes the choice is limitless with bikes. Of course training wheels will be standard and necessary on children's bikes.
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